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Towards equitable access to DDP


2:50pm - 4:40pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Conference Room 2


In the Relationships in Good Hands Trial (RIGHT) we are keen to recruit families who reflect the ethnic and social class of the population of families most likely to benefit from DDP.  

Children are often adopted or placed in foster families from a different ethnic or social class background. 

The demographics of families recruited to RIGHT generally reflect those of UK foster and adoptive families, but not necessarily those of children coming into care. Why?  

We will explore: 

  • Racism and classism in child protection 
  • Why do so few therapists come from ethnic minority backgrounds or have experienced poverty? 
  • How can white and/or middle-class therapists better understand the intersectional factors that might make DDP challenging for families living in poverty or from ethnic minority backgrounds? 
  • How do we make sure that DDP is able to reach the children who need it most? 

Learning objectives 

  • How racism and classism plays into child protection. 
  • The “politics” and “psychology” of placing working class and/or ethnic minority children in families of a different background. 
  • How stigma can play into mental health assessment and treatment. 
  • The experience of trying to achieve equitable recruitment to RIGHT. 
  • Ways forward in achieving equitable DDP provision (co-produced between workshop presenters and delegates)