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Secrets of me


1:10pm - 3:00pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Conference Room 3

This will be a workshop to explore how DDP can support people who have secrets about themselves they cannot speak, maybe even to themselves. Motivations to keep identity secrets are often rooted in childhood shame, a familiar theme in DDP. Hidden or secret identities could be about being in care, adopted, ethnicity, an illness or disability, gender, sexuality, a belief about self, or something else entirely. Many people carry more than one. 

This workshop will be aimed at exploring, together, how we can use DDP to connect deeply with people who are struggling to connect with themselves. 

You will be invited to be brave and respectful and to attempt to carry your armour as lightly and safely as you can. Benjamin will share some of his own story and there may be space for others to do the same if they want to. 

Questions at the heart of the workshop will include: 

  • How do we find and understand our own secrets? 
  • Secrecy or privacy? 
  • How can we build safety with someone when we do not know why they are unsafe within themselves? 
  • How do we use (p)ACE without invading someone’s defences which have been their rock?