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Reflections from BTC


1:40pm - 2:30pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Conference Room 3

BTC is a therapeutic support service for people who have experienced the loss of a child through adoption and want to access support. The team are part of the Intensive Family Support Services of Birmingham Children’s Trust.

Our service is underpinned by DDP, it helps us understand, work together with and be effective in our support of birth parents. This presentation will give details on the history and context of our service and our journey in using DDP. We will share how we have used the DDP model to inform the model of therapeutic work we have developed for BTC, and the impact this has had on the people we are working with and their children.

Our client group have experienced significant trauma, feel marginalised in society, and may have learning difficulties, mental health difficulties, and may also be care experienced. We plan to have video clips of DDP informed sessions and video feedback from those we have worked with, who through our service have formed lasting and meaningful connections which has been a new experience for them.

The aims of our presentation are:

  • To increase understanding of the lived experiences of birth parents whose children have been adopted
  • To demonstrate how DDP can be adapted to use with birth parents in therapeutic support work post-adoption
  • The impact using DDP has had on the practitioners themselves and how it has supported them to reach a marginalised group to access support when this hasn’t previously been possible