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Positionality and power in DDP relationships


11:20am - 12:10pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Main Hall

Children who have neuro-developmental trauma are often disempowered when it comes to giving their opinions. Jess Christopher and Dr Julie Davies recently completed research on children’s experiences of DDP. New methodology was developed to put children at ease and facilitate shifts in power relationships, using play, storytelling (story stems) and non-verbal communication, with techniques designed to make sense of attachment relationships in the therapy room. This empowered children to step outside of their normal responses and share meaningful thoughts without being scared of getting it “wrong”. Storytelling representations are a departure from traditional Western research methodology. Stories are accessible to a wider audience.   

Children (and their families) involved in the study took a relational risk to take part. They have experienced multiple disadvantages, making their contribution to the research profound and deserving of a platform. 

Through the story of the research Jess and Julie, alongside Helen (a participant’s parent) aim to explore themes of intersectional identities, power and compliance in research, and DDP. The presentation will generate conversations about meaningfully empowering children in research and within the therapeutic relationships.