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Growing DDP amid isolation and intergenerational trauma – the Australian experience


1:10pm - 3:00pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Main Hall

DDPI Worldwide has pledged its commitment to supporting families who sit at the intersections of development trauma, isolation, marginalization and/or oppression. However, to do this, we must first understand what this looks like in different places with differing groups of people. 

For Australia, our isolation at multiple levels is challenging. Added to this is the unique history associated with First Nations people and forced adoption, that has resulted in deep intergenerational trauma that continues to resonate. This has shaped every part of our care system and continues to have a lasting impact. We know that for DDP to be embraced in Australia, our history needs to be understood, and our practice needs to be able to sit safely with marginalisation so as to cause no further harm. 

 This seminar will explore the intersections of isolation for practitioners, as well as the intergenerational trauma that emerged through colonisation and further government policy impacting Australian First Nations people and people who have been affected by adoption. Through a systemic lens, we will consider how these two issues impact, and what we have needed to consider in growing a solid framework that is supportive, inclusive and does not cause further hurt or harm.

We hope it may leave some broader reflection on how the intersections of difference may be approached as DDP grows in other countries and amid different layers of isolation and marginalisation. We hope it may encourage us to be brave and sit with what may feel uncomfortable to reach a more inclusive goal and be able to tell everyone’s story.