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Attending to intersectional identities within supervision


11:50am - 12:40pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Main Hall

Supervision is an essential part of DDP practice, continuing and embedding the learning from DDP training. As the DDP practice model suggests DDP interventions are at their best when the DDP principles inform all the layers of support surrounding a child, family and DDP practitioner. Modelling the model is central within DDP and therefore is essential within DDP supervision. 

Shani and Kim have had the fortune to get to know and support each other within each of our DDP journeys. Kim has supported Shani since she began her level one training and Shani has supported Kim as she went on her racial equity and social justice journey.  

Within this presentation Shani and Kim will present some key themes exploring the attention to intersectional identities within supervision followed by a conversation together about our experiences of supervision as both supervisor and supervisee. We will consider the process of supervision when supervisor and supervisee bring different cultural and racial identities to the supervision space. This will include thinking about supervision as a co-creative and bi-directional process which requires trust and relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Recognising and negotiating power and privilege within this relationship will be an important part of this.