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Alienated Youth Aotearoa! – Youth in Crisis!


11:20am - 12:10pm BST [UTC +00:00]

Conference Room 2

In July 1997, Tauranga Youth Academy was pioneered when there was no such thing as Alternative Education, no funding, and no idea of what to do with “These” young people. 

Youth were disengaging from formal education at an alarming rate. Expelled! Stood down! Suspended! were all words that gave way to the new word “Excluded”. A young person was ‘Excluded” for “Continual Disobedience” or “Gross Misconduct.” 

Hundreds of children across the country now had nowhere to go to learn, grow and develop, and were often left to their own devices. With no funding, no formal education and nothing but a passion to help these young people, I started a school. 

My journey has helped me to explore the issues of intersectionality, racial discrimination, isolation, mental health, addictions and many more issues along the way.  

With relationships at the heart of our work, unconditional love and acceptance and PACE, we are seeing youth engaging in education, life and finding hope and a future! 

We now run schools in India, Vietnam and Myanmar and work alongside the tribal leaders, pastors, and teachers to support their children, youth, and families all over the world.  

Nga mihi  

Nynette Martin