Sez Morse

Pronouns: she/her

Photo of Sez Morse her face filling the frame. Sez is wearing spotted glasses.

About Sez

Sez Morse is a child and adolescent psychotherapist and DDP practitioner, consultant and trainer based in Brighton. Sez chooses to work and volunteer with those who experience marginalisation, oppression and discrimination and more than anything seeks to discover the story and the sparkles behind the mask of survival.

Sez grew up in Southeast Asia and experienced being regularly and blatantly othered on a daily basis throughout her childhood although recognises that she also had her white privilege to fall back on. Sez went to boarding school at a young age and experienced a degree of attachment disruption as a result. She continues to learn about how her positionality and intersectionality inform and impact her perspective and practice. 

Sez worked as physiotherapist with young people with physical disabilities before becoming a psychotherapist working with young people who have experienced relational trauma, disconnection from themselves and / or a loss of a coherent narrative. She consults with organisations and local authorities and provides supervision to those wishing to become DDP Practitioners. 

Sez is in independent practice based in Brighton. She has been a respite foster carer to a disabled child and has raised three birth children two of whom are neurodivergent. She now attempts to care for two anxiously attached dachshunds and to keep up with her awesome Afghan-British grandson. 

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