Nynette (Nyn) Martin


Headshot photo of Nynette Martin from the shoulders up smiling wearing a headband and a red top

About Nynette

Nyn Martin is a passionate, dedicated, and energetic Social Worker and founder of IMPACTAURANGA, an NGO in Tauranga, NZ since 1996. She is a registered Social Worker and is currently undergoing training as a DDP therapist. Nyn is also an Elder and Pastor in her local Church. 

Nyn’s experience includes:   

  • 7 years of managing residential homes for adults with Intellectual Disabilities.  
  • 3 years of running her own business in beauty therapy. 
  • 30 years of social work/teaching/pastoral care and nurturing disadvantaged youth in our community including managing a residential home for youth, establishing and running an alternative school, establishing a youth mentoring program, and setting up family support services. 
  • 20 years of supporting overseas missions in India, Vietnam and Myanmar teaching and supporting communities, pastors, leaders, and families.   

Nyn is married, she loves her family, music, the gym, gardening, cooking, and having fun.  

As a Pakeha/White women, Nyn’s journey of Intersectionality has taken her into many different places, emotions and learning and she is honored to share some of her story with the DDPI Worldwide Conference 2024. 

Thank you for sharing this space with me.