Nikki Linfield

Palmer Street Therapies

Photo of Nikki Linfield from the shoulders up. Nikki is at the top of a mountain wearing a hat and walking jacket

About Nikki

Nikki is a White woman who grew up in Southern England where horses became her safe attachment. She did her teacher training in Cambridge and moved to Somerset at 20.

After a while, Nikki realised that she was not ready to teach and began self-recovery.

When ready she trained as an Art Therapist simultaneously, youth working, training horses, teaching riding, animal care and child sitting and volunteering at SWEDA.

In 2000 Nikki worked as an Art Therapist in the NHS as well as charity and independent settings. During this time, she worked with young people experiencing bereavement, life limiting and physical health needs, eating disorders, learning difficulties and generic CAMHS latterly leading an Arts Therapies team.

After time off for cancer treatment she returned to CAMHS. Later Nikki was considering leaving CAMHS when thankfully a colleague and friend persuaded her to do DDP Level One, DDP gave Nikki a new hope. Previously Nikki worked with young people and hadn’t considered working with parents or dyadically. DDP Level One and Two training helped Nikki see the importance of working dyadically, thanks Alison.

Nikki is an adoptive and birth aunt. Nikki is a certified Practitioner in DDP and supported by DDPI as a DDP PACE trainer.


Little Grey Fox

Nikki Linfield, illustrated by Bettine Harris

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Nikki Linfield, illustrated by Lauren Sinclair

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