Lizzie Bennett

Headlands School, Action for Children

Pronouns: she/her

Headshot photo of Lizzie Bennett from the shoulders up smiling wearing a white top with red embroidery

About Lizzie

Lizzie is an experienced educator of ten years, working with children with a history of trauma, from Headlands School in South Wales. Headlands is a special school providing residential and day placements for young people who have experienced significant trauma.

Currently completing the latter stages of the Doctorate of Education, Lizzie’s professional and research interests include promoting social justice for disadvantaged learners through addressing curriculum design and teaching pedagogies, using DDP congruent approaches.

Headlands has recently become a Certified DDP Organisation. Lizzie contributed towards this by leading a community of teachers and completing a Spiral of Inquiry (Halbert and Kaiser, 2013) focussing on staff and pupils’ understandings of social justice and how this manifests throughout learners’ lives. This has prompted whole-school implementation of pedagogies involving learning through inquiry (Murdoch, 2017) and generating philosophical thinking.

Lizzie is passionate about using DDP practice as a vehicle to help children and young people learn about their inner world, and to act as a springboard to activate critical thinking and conversation about broader senses of belonging; and notions of equity and justice.

Lizzie empowers her pupils through curiosity, stories and discovery; promoting activism.