Leisa Bennett

Beyond Behaviour Community Services

Headshot photo of Leisa Bennett from the shoulders up smiling wearing a dark top

About Leisa

Leisa is a strong and proud Dharug Woman of the Gattai Clan, a First Nations descendant.  Leisa is a Clinical Counsellor, specialising in mental health and trauma recovery.  Leisa has worked with children, young people and their families for over 20 years and has been coaching parents using the PACE model and the Nurturing Attachments program. 

She has seen families transformed by being empowered and healed, and is passionate about intergenerational healing for First Nations descendants.  Leisa was born into a family impacted by the stolen generations, and has personal experience of pain, trauma and healing. 

She leads a team of Therapeutic Practitioners in Queensland and continues to learn every day from the wisdom of professionals, colleagues and the families she works with. 


  • Workshop

    A Yarn About PACE

    Leisa Bennett

    2:50pm - 4:40pm BST [UTC +00:00]

    Conference Room 3