Leah Millward

Pronouns: she/her

Headshot photo of Leah Millward from the shoulders up smiling wearing purple earrings and a green top

About Leah

Leah is a Social Worker and DDP Consultant. She is motivated to ensure all people have access to good psychological support and a space to share their story, be heard and grow.

She is a Workplace Trainer, Circle of Security Facilitator, Bringing Up Great Kids Facilitator, SPARK Facilitator, Foundations for Attachments and Nurturing Attachments Facilitator, DDP PACE Trainer and is Level 1 trained in Theraplay.

Leah has 26 years’ experience working in the Government and Non-Government sectors in Child Protection, Child and Youth Mental Health, Youth Justice, Domestic and Family Violence and Child Development and Disability services.

Leah is the Founder and Director of Resource Yourself and Team Leader of the Counselling and Youth Programs at Catholiccare Social Services. Prior to this she worked at Evolve Therapeutic Services (QHealth) as the Professional Development Coordinator and Senior Mental Health Clinician. It was this space that introduced her to DDP, and her passion grew from there. She is currently engaged in the DDP Trainer practicum with Dr Sian Phillips and Dr Hannah Sun-Reid.

Leah Co-Chairs the DDP Australia Steering Committee, is on the DDPI Worldwide Training Committee and DDP PACE sub-committee and sits on the UniSQ Social Work and Human Services Industry Advisory Committee. Additional to this, she facilitates the Australian DDP Peer Supervision and DDP PACE Supervision groups.

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