Jess Christopher

University of Hertfordshire

Pronouns: she/her

Headshot photo of Jess Christopher from the shoulders up smiling wearing pink framed glasses and a striped jacket

About Jess

My name is Jess (she/her). I identify as female and White British. In September 2024, I will complete my training to become a Clinical Psychologist. Prior to becoming a psychologist, I was a Social Worker and DDP Consultant. Some of my earlier life experiences led me to be drawn to supporting others, especially those with care experience, and I am lucky enough to have worked with many care-experienced young people as a therapeutic social worker, and now as a psychologist.   

I believe children should be included in research concerning services that are for them and about them. This is why I chose to explore children’s experiences of DDP as my main doctoral research project. Being involved in this research process with my young co-researchers has been an incredibly powerful and humbling experience. Their insights into DDP and the impact on their attachment security is profoundly interesting and relevant to our practice. Due to their neuro-developmental trauma, children had to overcome challenges to participate, and it is therefore incredibly important to me that their voices are heard in the DDP community.