Benjamin Hargrave

DDPI Worldwide

Pronouns: flexible but usually he/him

Headshot photo of Benjamin Hargrave from the shoulders up smiling wearing a denim shirt and necklace

About Benjamin

Benjamin is a Queer, White, English-British Social Worker, a DDP Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer in Training, a Systemic Practitioner and an EFT Tapping Practitioner. Benjamin lives mostly in Poland. 

Throughout life, Ben has experienced keeping identities secretly, privately, openly, proudly, loudly and helped others to understand themselves with greater clarity. Benjamin has sought out learning on the topic of identity, particularly with reference to sexuality, race/ethnicity, gender and disability. Throughout this learning Ben has held the concept of secret and unacknowledged identities in mind. 

In addition to the training above, Benjamin studied Contemporary Fine Art and has worked in residential settings, education, specialist education, health, children’s social care and has volunteered with charities. 

Benjamin has also worked within the DDP community, including with the Racial Equity Social Justice Committee, The Global Development Committee and is currently Co-Chair of the DDPI Worldwide Board of Directors.